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We have strengthened our VisualEvents development team

In order to continue to improve our VisualEvents platform, Javier Gonzalez has joined our team. Javier is a systems engineer and specialist in Flex, AS3, Air, HTML5, etc.

We welcome him and we are sure that his contribution will boost the attractiveness and functionality of our solutions.
Mobile devices and digital marketing trends
According to the latest Experian report called “The 2011 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report”, mobile devices are beginning to take over from computers as a tool to search and purchase, making them essential for online marketing.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of guidelines and purchasing preferences on digital channels in American society.

Download report / PuroMarketing way.
Adobe Flash Player will not develop more mobile devices
Last year we watched the fight between Adobe and Apple for the exclusion of Flash on the iPhone and iPad. Finally Adobe has announced it will discontinue the development of Flash Player on these devices, and will focus on the HTML5, the format compatible with the main mobile devices.

This news has had a significant impact on the sector, strengthening the idea that future standards will be free.

DailyTech way.
The future of social networking and decentralization
This article written by David de Ugarte reflects on what he considers as a current recentralization of social networks and how this has implications for the sovereignty of the people and communities on the net.

Facebook, Twitter and Google + would be an example of this recentralization, compared to other alternatives that shape a possible future of decentralized structures and more autonomy.
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November 22-24
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Financial management for freelance and small businesses

If you are freelance or have a small business, we recommend a free online application to manage your financial transactions. It offers visual graphics, management of payments and collections, billing, etc.


Recomendamos We opened this space to our newsletter readers so they could make their recommendations about film, literature, travel, web, exhibitions, events, etc. You only have to send an email to info@visualmente.com. with two recommendations.

Our guest of the month: Ángel Cano, Product Manager at VisualMente.
Fanzine: Holidays in Poland is one of the most interesting (and beautiful) publications on the “do it yourself” scene. A high intensity trip through the literature, the counterculture, and critical thinking, all without losing humor, especially black humor.
Travel: El Baztan valley, in Navarra is a good place to travel in autumn and enjoy their native forests, green fields and hills, rich meal, witches and smugglers caves ... As an accommodation, an old Indianos (former Spanish emigrant who made his fortune in the Americas) mansion, now converted into a hotel or guest house.
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